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Volume 7 – Issue 34 – July 2022

Use of cartoon characters of Celebrities in advertising breaks to indicate the artwork The sustainable coastal tourism development of the heritage areas in Alexandria The strategy of designing women apparel with high quality thats achieves the economic dimension of sustainability The semiology of dramatic television picture design and its impact on Egyptian societal values The role of the Jordan Green Building Guide in improving the quality of the internal environment for resorts accommodation The role of apparent motion to achieve space-time in weaving through Sufi whirling The philosophy of Islamic thought as an approach for contemporary art and apply it in beautifying public squares as distinctive environmental signs The mural design between the richness of the formation and the diversity of materials and techniques with application to (ceramic, glass) The Intellectual and Aechnical Dimensions of Indian Madhubani murals The effect of nature on design rules and its role in aesthetic preference (1) The effect of creating curiosity theory (information gap) in teaser advertising campaigns on recipient behavior The effect of blending industrial hemp as an Eco-friendly material with cotton to produce jeans clothes The applications of origami art using 3D digital printing technology in design jewelry The aesthetics of the Arabic Lettrism (square Kufic) and its role in designing the scenic design Suggested system for designing and implementing applied Projects at apparel technology and fashion department Sinai heritage as an inspiration for contemporary mosaic murals Simulation of Islamic Ceramics Using Different Firing Techniques Permeable paving as an application input to reduce damage from heavy rainwater Military Architecture in Tiznit–Morocco Walls as a model Methods of using Parametric design in solving slum areas in Egypt Methodology for Treating the Current Dwelling to Face the Negative Effects of Corona Pandemic (COVID19) Interactive Technology Techniques as One of the Contemporary Design Elements Influence of the advertising idea using the empathy strategy in digital advertising Implementation of Brand's Visual Identity in The Design Hazard analysis system and its impact on food product safety and its role in choosing the appropriate packaging for products Glass and Its Relation in The Bridge Design at Tourist Villages in Egypt Four new Arabic-Islamic inscriptions from the location in the region 'aliat- najd' An analytical descriptive study Employing local Materials in Furniture Design at the Marshes Region in Southern Iraq Effect of some comfort properties on performance properties of sports abaya fabrics for women Digital design technology and its impact on contemporary architecture, in light of digital architectural trends. Design Temporary and Virtual Exhibitions Decorative formulations for the surface of ceramic products to achieve an aesthetic quality Creative Placemaking between theory and practice Creation in painting techniques using the elements of nature Fumage painting (painting by soot or smoke) Coins of the Rebels in the Late Umayyad period Between loyalty and breaking free the transformations of the artistic style of Najla Mohammed Al-Saleem Activation of photoluminescence glass in public squares A historical vision of artistic entrepreneurship
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