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Volume 6 – Issue 30 – November 2021

Adapt knitting techniques to design contemporary furniture Wearable Art as an Experimental Entrance to Designing Expressive Outfits on a Mannequin Inspired from the Architectural Heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Two fragrances perfume of gold attributed to Eugenia , Queen of France The use of water wheels for draining ground water in roman mines The use of glass non-woven fabrics with cobalt polyester fluids In the production of partition walls and floors with high Resistance properties The Role of Sustainable Interior Design Strategies in Increasing Occupant Comfort in Commercial Spaces The role of insurance features during health care product packages of the Corona pandemic The role of green architecture in improving the functional performance of a healthy dwelling The role of graphics in Display museum The Role of Education in Achieving Local Identity- Based Interior Design by Utilizing Cultural Schema The role of advertising designer in designing sustainable packages The Mosque as a public space in the Islamic City - An Analytical study of Architectural & Urban design of contemporary examples The importance of semantics in promoting the advertising message The importance of Multisensory architecture tools in designing learning spaces for visually impaired children The importance of monitoring the visual culture of the receiver to design the information in the advertisement The Importance of a Furniture Products Roadmap The impact of reusing glass wastes on public squares beautification in Egypt The effectiveness of infographics in the interactive marketing of entrepreneurial ideas to support the scope of entrepreneurship. The effect of finite element analysis programs on the quality of infill design of the 3D printed model The effect of environmental control systems on the interior residential space and its users The Aesthetic Values of Abstract Construction in the Bauhaus School and the Design of the Printing of Contemporary Furnishing Fabrics. Technological and aesthetic development of modern building materials and its impact on designing organic architecture facades Technical standards to implement Digital out of home Advertising Suitability of The Interior Design Materials for The Child in Light of Digital Technology Standards for Evaluating Photographic and Cinematic Lenses Small industries and their importance in sustainable development in Libya. Religious Structures In Ain Ghazal(East Field) East of Jordan River during Late Pre-Pottery Neolithic B (LPPNB) New Addition to the Money of King Al Saleh Ismael bin King Al Nasser Mohamed bin Qalawun that Was coined in Cairo in 745 H. Moroccan Mus'haf at Abi Mohamed Al-Morjani Mosque in Tunisia - first published Imagination and cinema Enriching aesthetic of formated evening dresses on manican using merge of drawing techniques and embroidery Designing Advertising Awareness Campaigns for Food and Beverage Companies in Quarantine Period Design considerations for racking metal products in electrochemical solutions Decorative elements in the Mosques of the Ottoman Villages in Western Anatolia Creating Design Solutions to increase the Usable Time of Children’s Clothes by Using Automated Embroidery Technology Color and Visual Communication to Create Brand Space Identity in Interior Design An Innovative Methodology for Achieving Compatibility between Heritage and Contemporary in Architecture An Experimental Educational Approach through Teaching the History of Architecture and Heritage for a better Practice in Architectural Design Aesthetics of architectural openings in Islamic architecture A proposed conception of using the BAIC method to market the art production of art education graduates
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