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Volume 6 – Issue 26 – March 2021

Creating formulations inspired by the visual symbols of the Egyptian heritage and utilizing them in the tourism advertisement design Visual Illusion and the Aesthetic Dimensions of the Geometric Line and its Use in Designing Women's Fashion to Hide Physical Defects User’s behavior in the Space of the interactive Activity’s Hall The use of Silicon Rubber with banana fibres and glass fibres to make Sports court ground by suitable technology to Egyptian environment The Sustainable Sadu in Contemporary Furniture Design The relationship between fiction philosophy and Literary text in designing a printed book The General features of Architecture and art of pilgrim churches in the Holy Land in the Middle Ages The formal and technical capabilities of the ropes in developing handicrafts based on linear relationships The effectiveness of a training program based on the use of the knitting loom to gain children in care homes some skills in according to Egypt's 2030 strategy The effect of the development of control and operating systems for flexo printing machines on improving the quality of printing of The effect of structural composion on self Structural standards for designing smart government applications in Egypt selection of raw materials as one of the constituents of the internal environment quality in psychiatric hospitals Representative level as one of the digital modulation entries in the design process Quality tests of glass containers for foods to ensure their utility of efficiency Philosophy of The Visual Metaphor in the Advertising Poster Design Natural factors (Lighting) and their impact on the glass facades in the future architecture Methodology to utilize CAM systems in execution of glass jewelry Islamic Arches Are Source of Contemporary Architectural Creativity at the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi Interior Visual Merchandising and its Role in Increasing Visual Attraction in Commercial Spaces Future Theatre Formulations Between Digitization and Interactive Media Furniture designer's ingredients through his influence on Egyptian cultural heritage From Urban voids to Urban Commons-Ex-airports as Urban Voids reuse Faces between Privacy and Public Ergonomic design of smart bags Enhancing Mobile Advertising Performance Using New Creative Formats of Digital Video Advertising Effects of Climate Changes on Future Architecture and the Contribution of the Developing Countries to Limit and Avoid Harms Developing criteria for Egyptian sportswear brand personality Cultural Buildings Design between Visual Creativity and Psychological Impact Creativity between the spirit of heritage cultural and modern design thought Create graphic norms for designing the 2022 world cup mascot and apply it to arrival stations advertising Comparative Analysis for The Effect of Static and Motion Infographics coiling as a linear value for making ceramic wall tiles Chameleon Inspired Outerwear Designs Achieved via Photochromic and Thermochromic Pigments Arts in NEOM project Civilized progress in the northern region in Saudi Arabia kingdom An inscription that sheds new lights on the Hijaz Aesthetic and expressive values in the woodwork with experimental and new approaches to the manufactured wood veneer A Rare Samanid fils Struck in Bukhara in 358AH.Bearing the Name of Prince Al-Mansour Bin Noah A Methodology of Additive Manufacturing Technology in Ceramic Field A condiment pot copper dating back to the second half
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