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Volume 5 – Issue 24 – November 2020

Using the technology of separating the seven colors (Prinect) as a substitute for Pantone colors in the printing Value and symbol in the heritage of Applied Amazigh art as a source of design innovation of printing Upholstery fabrics Using Nanotechnology to Improve the Healthcare Clothing Performance Using Intrinsic Values in Advertising Campaign Using digital modeling to simulate heritage furniture and manufacturing it digitally Use advertising as a communication tool to overcome product harm crisis through image restore theory of institution The Role of Visualization Software in Architectural Education The laser technology and its applications in the copper metal embroidery threads cleaning and treatment field – Analytical The importance of materials in developing creative behavior and technical skills for interior design students The Impact of Commercial Brand on Furniture Industry The compatibility between some the materials used in cleaning to improve their effectiveness in cleaning oil paintings The Artistic, Religious, And Magical Role of Jewelry and Ornaments Throughout Ancient Egyptian Times The Application mechanisms of the practice-based education strategy on raising the student's Skill capabilities The aesthetics of Arabic calligraphy as a unique language in the contemporary design of interior architecture The added value in the advertisements of donations in the light of employing modern and multiple digital technological capabilities to develop creative and developmental thought Studying The Evolution of Lighting Techniques in Islamic Art Study of interior design and topology to use space in contemporary home Reflection of morphology of construction and Minimalism On interior design Reflecting the Optimization Theory and Digitalization On Applied Arts Process obstructive variables to take advantage of the aesthetics of heritage models in the formulation of sculpted elements Printed Design of Water Polo Suits Political Advertising in Egypt after 30 June 2013 Revolution Optical design and its impact on developing textile technology Ontology of Folk Knowledge Among Lake Fishermen in Suez Governorate Interactive design as a source for developing interior design and furniture Innovation in a bed assembly unit design to reduce the symptoms of GERD and Snoring during sleep Innovated molds to produce Glass Vents for architecture Incorporation of some modern administrative theories to reduce school administrative pressure in art education Gilding Technique and Conservation of a Gilded Factors affecting contemporary architectural design and its relationship to the Pharaonic architectural heritage Eyvan Türbesi in Anatolia during the Seljuk and beyliks period Energy of Form and Color Islamic art and its impact On Modern European art Effectiveness of Lycra material in improving the comfort properties of shirt Effectiveness of Accessory multifunctionality and how it fits contemporary woman's garments Developing Wall treatments using the concept of Mural Painting for modern Islamic Architecture Design of Modern Clothing Inspired from Works of the Artist Omar El Nagdy Contradictory strategy in advertising design and its relationship to coding and decoding theory Arts of Children in the remote areas in Sinai as a source of inspiration for printed textile design of children Advertising and family relations in the light of sociology theories A proposed methodology for design integration as one of the sustainable design goals for light metal construction
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