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Volume 4 – Issue 18 – November 2019

Formulas of Visual Metaphor in Advertising Enhancement of Design Aesthetics for Jackets Fabrics Executed Effect of Surface Coating of Paper on Measuring Effect of Finishing Treatments on the Functional and Dramatic Backgrounds in Animated film Develop the designs of the printed glass units and connect them with Designing Lingerie That Cope with Recent Egyptian Women Designing Glass Facades Inspired from The African Design Arabic alphabet for communication between blind Clothes as a source of creativity in interior design Biomimicry as a means of Innovation and Sustainability Benefit of Colored Lights on Marketing of Ready A-design-vision-for-the-trends-of-modern-design-and-its-impact A Proposed Methodology to benefit from the BioGeometry Visualization in the design of advertising methods Visual Mass Communication through Technological Development Using Security Graphic Design Features for Commercial Prints The Types of the Islamic Pottery Discovered in Saudi Arabia The roles of popular proverbs as a cultural heritage in preserving the role of the photographer in achieving the visual language The role of digital techniques in the production of conceptual The role of advertising design in nation branding The intellectual and aesthetic dimensions of the Greek art of wall painting The implications of the unification of the two countries The Impact of the Technological Development of Digital The impact of the medical profession in the contemporary The efficacy of the suitability and compatibility between the The Contributions of Industrial Hygiene in Occupational The compatibility between materials and Techniques used The Book of elementary school children in the Hashemite Kingdom The Aesthetics of the Combining Between the Thermal Ename Taking-advantage-of-the-different-techniques-employed-in Symbolic significance in the abstract art of the Symbol indication in the Contemporary Square Sculpture Studying the effect of nitrogen content when Preparation Study of the protection and conservation of glass artifacts Study of the Antifungal Effects of Copper-based Strategies of Design Teaching Enhancing Creative My wife and the dog” movie (Psychological and Artistic Interactive Advertising in Commercial Centers
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