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Volume 8 – Issue 38 – March 2023

Visual Perception of Cities Centers Between Globalization and Nationalisation Visual integration in the combination of the methods of hammering and sawing in metalwork Utilizing SmartStream Designer in creating personalized files for designing packages with an Egyptian identity Using Titanium dioxide in coating outdoor advertising surfaces and graffiti ads Urban Design as an Approach to Achieve Sustainable Green Urbanization The role of visual elements in remembering the message in motion graphic ads The role of the city prosperity index in sustainable development case study The role of contemporary technologies in developing local copper industries The psychological and expressive implications of The drug addicts dreams By drawings The Principles of coordinating the ceramics complements in domestic gardens. The Narrative Styles of the Transformations of the Concept of Hero's Image in Plastic Artworks The interrelated Qualities between Sculpture and Archisculpture Design The interactive relationship between those interested in design in the field of product The importance of connecting murals with environment and surrounding The growth of the Creative role of animation through percussion translation The exciting Design compositions of Sociological emotions and their importance in awareness posters. The effect of printing inks on both hardness and thickness of flexographic plates The effect of ergonomics on the design of Sterilization cabins as a three-dimensional advertising tools The Creative Features of the Naïve Spontaneous Artistic Façade as an Entry Point The comparative and competitive advantage of the technical and functional diversity of Arjun and Palm Leaves The added values of employing the advanced smart materials in the design of the metal furnishing systems Sustainability in Product Design and using it for designing organic food containers Sustainability in new Waterfront Cities Stele of Qingjing Mosque in Quanzhou Requirements for designing sanitary ware in the light of Islamic culture Renewable energy and its impact on contemporary sculpture Relief sculpture and its role in enriching field sculptural work surfaces Quantitative Insights on trends and directions of Egyptian architectural students Modern trends in Deconstruction and its relationship to residential and public building design strategies Intellectual content of portraying women in contemporary murals Influence of Modern Design Trends in Interior Architecture Studio Biophilic Design Styles in Office Space Improving The Quality of Designing the Interior Spaces of the Dwelling According to Environmental Psychology History of architecture and art of the Apostolic Papal Cathedrals and the principal Catholic pilgrimages Employing negative spaces in designing commercial windows display Emphasizing the role of social intelligence in advertising design Concepts of stylistic analysis in the Film and the Impact elements on the Audience. Artificial intelligence between both artificial marketing and intelligent advertising African Heritage Vocabulary as a source of artistic insight in the field of decorative designs A Future Design Vision for Administrative Workspaces Post COVID-19 Pandemic
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