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Volume 7 – Issue 33 – May 2022

Towards Smart Urban Areas in Western Desert in Egypt The unfamilier minarets in the islamic mosques of cairo The Maltiple Heads minarets The technique to glass assembly by the conjunctive molding dale- de- verre and its design in mural painting The symbolic inspiration from the human figure in the formulation of visual concepts for the scenic design The Impact of Utilizing 3D Printing Techniques on the Production of Plastic Packages Technical’s and phraseologies methods of museums murals according to their functional purposes. Technical Entrepreneurship Guide Sustainable development of the textile industries in Egypt Study Aesthetics of Plant ornaments in ottoman ceramic and innovation contemporary designs for textile printing St.Peter's Basilica-of-Pilgrimage in Catholic-World A-forum of art-and-artists Recycling of environmental waste with a vision of painting to keep up with the labor market paintings and illustrations in genealogy manuscripts in the Ottoman age, An archaeological artistic study New painted textiles inspired by the graphic works of the artist Saad Zaghloul as an introduction to enriching hand textures among students of the Faculty of Specific Education Nastaliq Calligraphy on Lahore Architecture at the mid-19th. manuscript of; Layla wa Al-Majnun, which is kept in Linchi National Library in Rome Islamic interior design as a Dialogue Between Body-Brain-Space Green Nano materials -Innovation in interior design, a New Era of Sustainability Gifts exchange between Omani rulers and officials and some western countries in the light of documents Environmental study of the Wadi El Hitan Reserve and Its effect on Interior Design and Furniture Description of the Hejaz turban in the region of Mecca in the Saudi Era Criteria for selecting celebrities in social TV advertising campaigns Courtyards' Effect on the Sustainability of Archaeological Buildings in Historic Cairo, Egypt Artistic concepts of readymade art- Between Materials and Ideas Applied methods of hand tufting carpets as a source for designing and producing textile pendants with Egyptian character and identity Analytical study of the quality of the internal environment in the house according to the standards of the Jordanian Green Building Guide Analytical study of educational buildings to applied interactive technology An analytical view of the aesthetic values in the museum presentation using graphic media A sustainable campus between theory and practice A Study to Assess the Efficiency of some Gap Filling Materials for Ancient Ceramic Tiles A comparative study between hank dyeing and piece dyeing in Chanelia upholstery fabrics A Collection of Some Unpublished Funerary Stelae in the Ismailia Museum
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