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Volume 2- Issue 8 – April 2022

The role of the Egyptian designer in the development of slums and the development of design vocabulary for service areas as one of the most important axes of sustainable development The role of color in the design of an interactive tourism poster using a QR code The role of advertising in bringing about a state of happiness for the recipient The impact of digital fashion on fashion designers in light of the current digital revolution The Functional Value of Smart Materials in Design of Luminous Jewellery The effect of using smart sportswear technology The effect of using insulating materials on improving the productivity rate of T-shirt line workers in ready-made garments factories The aesthetics of the elements that make up the houses of the city Temporary facilities and their role in achieving the new needs of cultural centers in Egypt Studying the effect of the structural structures of warp knitted fabrics for treating seawater from oil slicks using polyurethane Multi-purpose furniture and its role in educational facilities in light of the current crises Modern Digital technology and its role in Cinematography using available light Managing the interior design projects using BIM Technology in Egypt State of the art Improving the Production Variables and Designing Innovative Complete Garment Pieces on Seamless Weft Knitting Machine Employing visual thinking skills in creating design formulas in the field of designing decorative iron products Comparison Study of core spun yarns properties of some cellulosic fibers Comparative advertising from a legal cultural perspective
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