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The Arab Association of Civilization and Islamic Arts

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Identifying the Arabian Civilization & defending it through the following:
1. Determining the concept of Arabian Civilization, its features, the Islamic Arts and stating the civil and enlightenment roles of the Arabian Civilization and its effect on the Western Civilization through the bestowal in the different fields.

  1. Demonstrating the civil values of the architectural buildings and their arts in all over the world (through studying Architecture and Islamic Arts and confirming its enlightening innovation creation).
  2. Highlighting the civil role of Moslem Scientists in all civil fields: scientific, intellectual and artistic fields, by defining their participations to enrich the humanistic role in the contemporary global scientific awakening.
  3. Organize symposiums, establishing fairs and conferences confirming the dialogue among civilizations and to confirm the enlightening role of the Islamic Civilization, its science and arts, and establishing International Conference for the association every two years at least that is concerned with the relevant subjects with the goals of the association.
  4. Case for the readable, audible and visual mass media activity, publishing and writing books, magazines and newspapers, and broadcasting and television programs that confirm the rise of the values of the Islamic cultures and civilization and the continuation among generations.
  5. Authenticate the relations to connect with the Arab and Islamic countries’ scientists and artists, exchange the cognitive experiences among Arab countries that are interested in the Arab and Islamic Civilization in all of its civil aspects in cooperation with the Ministries of Culture and the Arab League (the Cultural Department).
  6. Conserve our Arabian and Islamic patrimony, maintaining it against damage, tampering or the try forge the fixed self-facts of it. That could be achieved through an active participation in defining the patrimony and awareness of its importance and maintaining the civil patrimony of the nation by cooperating with the concerned organizations, regionally and internationally inside and outside the country.
  7. Spread awareness about the importance of the patrimonial industries and crafts by focusing on them, and how to conserve them as a source of cognitive prosperity, national income and to employ the youth in patrimonial crafts on scientific, artistic and technical principals by habituating them scientifically and practically.
  8. Invite to conserve the Arabic language, raise and ease it’s spread and teach it on a universal level and its importance by establishing educational workshops and artistic fairs offering artistic and handwriting works inspired from Also the Arabic calligraphy Civilization Spirit, to be participated by the concerned persons in the world.
  9. To recognize the concerned persons of the Arabian Civilization and Islamic Art in the world, then to support the contact among them and to talk with them permanently, and also the civilization departments in universities and cultural institutions  to that are concerned with the role of civilization and arts in the progress of people in a way that matches the scientific and technological age that the world is witnessing, and to participate in common events.
  10. Trying to establish specialized committees in all civilization’s branches to at least participate in contacting with the public and to spread awareness of the importance of each committee, such as (Arabic language, Handwriting, Islamic Architecture, Islamic design, decoration and its arts, legislation, physical sciences …etc).
  11. Making agreements and cooperation among the Society, that are concerned organizations and authorities with the Islamic Civilization’s field through (Arab League, ISISCO, UNISCO, the specialized faculties, ACROME Organization for Museums and Specialized Research Institutes, IRISCA – the International Organization for Science, Arts, Literature and History that is following the Islamic World Organization & Ministries of Culture) and establishing common events and activities with such organizations.
  12. Creating contact points to talk with the concerned people with different creeds, cultures and religions to realize peace and welfare, then to refer to the positive role of the others’ culture through the scientific talks that aiming to define Islam’s lenience and to coexist with the others.
  13. Organizing cultural missions for the association’s members in the cultural houses through the Republic to aware the youth with the importance of the civil role of Islamic Arts and Civilization.
  14. Supporting the relation between among the association, the federation of the Arab league, the international federation of the Islamic world universities and the Islamic world association, the International Federation of Islamic World and Islamic World Association to participate in common events with such institutions, and to try to create a curriculum for students in the different stages to define the Islamic Civilization, its arts and role in making the contemporary civilization.
  15. Encourage researchers and authors to write and prepare Masters and PhD thesis in the Arabian Civilization and Islamic Arts, and introduce various writings concerning that field.
  16. Publishing an arbitrated, scientific journal to encourage researches to write and prepare papers about that civil field.

The Society is honored to receive opinions and notes of all those concerned who are with the Arabian Civilization and Islamic Arts in all of their scientific and artistic aspects.
As we would you like to submit any useful suggestions for That are useful for the association to perform its task.


Society General Secretary                    Chairman
Fathy El Mula                            Prof. Dr. Mohamed Aly Zenhom